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Personal Information Management

Ltd. INOAC CORPORATION (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") to comply with the relevant laws and regulations to protect personal information, and that the protection of personal information is the basis of business activities, is the social responsibility and obligation of the enterprise.
The privacy protection on the company how to manage customers' personal information are described.

Use purpose of personal information

The customer's personal information
Personal information collected from customers will be used for the following purposes.
However, the company is not utilized for all of the following purposes, but indicated that the collection and use of individual objects, and will use to get customers in the agreed range.

In order to provide this company's product information (including catalogs) to customers, services and solutions.
In order for the company's commodity-related send refund, exchange transactions.
In order to set the company's service or merchandise to the customer's residential buildings.
In order to provide the company's commodity service for maintenance.
Investigation of the company's goods and use of services and satisfaction, in order to conduct
investigations related to product development and improve the quality of services.
In case of emergency in order to get in touch with customers.
In order to answer customer questions, comments, requirements.
For the above purpose incidental behavior.

【Personal information before April 1, 2005 collection】
The Company for personal information in the Personal Information Protection Law came into force before the collection, will also be used within the scope of the above-mentioned purpose of use.
When customers do not agree with the above purpose of use, please contact the press contact address of the first nine.

Personal information security measure

In order to safely manage and operate customers' personal information, the Company has taken reasonable and appropriate security measures to prevent loss of external illegal access personal information and personal information, damage, destruction, alteration, leakage, illegal outflows.
In addition, the company set up a personal information management staff in each department's use of personal information in the proper management of personal information sought also to develop the company's internal safety management regulations, and educate employees to protect personal information.

To a third party

Except when compliance with any of the following one, the company will not disclose or provide personal information to any third party.

After the client consent.
Without being able to identify and recognize the specific status of the customer to provide the time.
Due to operational reasons like the smooth development of the business use of personal information entrusted to business trustees. (In this case, the company will choose to have sufficient level of protection of personal information trustees and adopt to prevent leakage and must sign a contract and then offer other methods for proper management.) On the basis of the consent of the customer through to involving the purchase, the company set up the company's commodities trading partners to provide valuation, program, merchandise when drawing.
On the basis of the consent of the customer through in order to accomplish the purposes of paragraph 3 of use, to provide personal information in the relevant company within the necessary scope of the company's time.

When legally required to provide.
For the protection of human life, health or property of need but it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
In the case of national agencies, local public bodies or accept delegator must complete the transaction by law to provide assistance and obtain customer consent there may impede the completion of the transaction.

Disclosure of personal information about

I request the company by the disclosure of personal information, it will be immediately released to himself. However, when any one of the following possibilities exist due to publish, it is possible not to publish all or part of the personal information, and decision not to publish, it will notify me immediately.

There may be damage to life, health, property and other rights and interests of himself or a third time.
There may significantly hinder the normal conduct of business by the Company.

For access to the information other than personal information records, in principle, to the public.

The revised personal information

Untrue personal information by request of the Company revised when additional or delete content (hereinafter referred to as "the revised etc."), except in special circumstances other formalities required by legislation, would be necessary to achieve the purpose of use within the scope of, carry out the necessary investigations immediately, and then based on the results of the content and other personal information are revised and notified.

Amend privacy protection

The company in an effort to protect customers' personal information, and in order to cope with regulations and other regulatory changes, there may revise privacy. By then, the company will be notified on the home page.

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