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INOAC,as a material manufacturer chiefly producing foam,continues to realize greater possibilities.

Focusing its research and development efforts on polymer products, INOAC performs research using the most valuable two resources in the development of high technology; creative scientists and the most sophisticated scientific equipment. As a global leader of technology and the best team player for raw-material manufacturers and customers, INOAC intends to provide excellent added value.

INOAC core technology

Research, development base

  • This institution mainly researches market-oriented technologies. It also gathers data on foaming technologies locally in China, to raise the quality of products to the global standards.


    The core role of this center is to develop new materials in the most advanced areas of industries. The center is also deeply committed to environmental technologies, biomass-related technology.


    At this institution, we researches new technologies, traces the development and collects information on new technologies. It also performs joint studies with academic institutions in North America.

Main research content

  • Development of high-performance polyurethane materials

    INOAC is highly knowledgeable regarding the response mechanism peculiar to polyurethane resins and the wide variety of degeneration technologies realized by the mechanism.

  • Development of high-performance polyurethane materials

    Through research into the molecular design of rubber and elastomer materials, various additives and the synthetic effects generated when using other materials, INOAC improves performance of various industrial rubber products and products that satisfy new needs.

  • Development of functional plastic products

    Through understanding the characteristics of various resin materials such as general-purpose resin materials, engineering plastics and super engineering plastics, and through knowledge that enables appropriate selection of materials to meet user needs,

  • Development of new applications for various polymer materials

    By using its knowledge of polymers and processing technology applications, INOAC intends to develop brand-new products for such applications as electronics, information equipment, automobiles and housing.

  • Recycling and environmental improvement

    INOAC efficiently uses resources and develops environment-friendly technologies and products. INOAC promotes environment-compatible business activities from all aspects.

Environmental protection activities

To effective use of resources,On the principle of the coordination of environment and product development activities。INOAC In many ways to promote the protection of the environment of business activities.